With 2011 wrapping up in another week and a half, more and more housing predictions are surfacing for 2012.

By most accounts the housing market will continue on its slow and steady path towards improvement.  For the Fairfield County real estate market, prices are expected to stabilize, or grow very modestly by the end of 2012.  Inventories of bank owned properties are expected to grow as there is still a large number of foreclosures that must be sifted through for the market to make any significant strides.

The rental market in lower Fairfield County improved in 2011, and should continue to improve in 2012.  This growth is fueled by renters that either lost their home due to foreclosure, or renters who can’t buy a home due to tighter loan qualification requirements.

For more info on large scale trends for 2012, read this article from Trulia.com’s blog.

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