Jason did an excellent job helping me through my short sale. I was forced to transfer to the west coast during the recession of 2008-2009. I tried to rent my house out which was a money loosing ordeal from the start and turned into a nightmare when my renter went bad and stopped paying. With Jason and his staff’s help, a buyer was found, a deal was made with my mortgage company, and the deal closed last month. Although I’ve never met Jason face to face, I consider him to be more than a realtor, I consider him to be a friend that helped me through a difficult period in my life, and I feel like I am now on the road to recovery.


Norwalk, CT

 Todd was a very reliable, helpful, responsible, experienced, and professional realtor; my experience with him was overall highly positive. After months of mindless web surfing, I started to seriously look for a place to live in Norwalk just around a month prior to my move-in date. I contacted Todd by email about my situation and rental preferences (price range, bedroom #, proximity, etc), and he immediately provided me with a list of places to rent. Mind you, the list was not some blind list that disregarded the preferences, but rather a truly relevant list that reflected my criteria. At that time, I was still in Michigan and not really willing to make a trip to Norwalk for an apartment hunting. Todd accommodated this preference of mine and even kindly recorded awesome videos of a few places I prioritized. Todd‘s knowledge on the area and housing in general is so neat that he answered all my questions right on. He patiently kept up with me and my large pack of inquiries even though all this process happened through the holiday season in December. I can go on and on about this, but the bottom-line is that Toddwas an excellent realtor who truly lives up to the title “Norwalk’s #1 Real Estate Agent”. I definitely would work with him again if I am to find a new place in this area.”


Norwalk, CT

 “I never knew buying a home could be this easy!  Todd showed his experience and professionalism from Day 1 and was always available to answer questions.  Amazingly enough, finding the perfect house was the easiest part of my move.  When I was handling all other moving matters, I knew everything related to the house was in good hands.  I would strongly recommend that anyone moving to Fairfield County should consider hiring Todd as their real estate agent.  This process couldn’t have been any easier!”

Adam Kirshner

Norwalk, CT

  “As you know we were very nervous about doing a short sale. We lost sleep over our first missed mortgage payment. After we met with you we felt so much better. You explained the process and our options very clearly and you obviously know what you are doing. The entire process moved along as you predicted. We are so thankful for your help.”

Joe & Stacie

Fairfield, CT

 “The 2-family property I owned went up to one day before the foreclosure sale date. Thanks to you the bank gave us a 60 day extension which allowed me to collect another $10,000 in rent. When the sale eventually went though there was no out of pocket expenses and I was released from the mortgage.”


New Canaan, CT

 “When Jim lost his job we first started burning though our savings, but then it just became impossible to afford the 2 mortgages. The house was almost $900,000 underwater. Thank you for getting the short sale approved. Jim is starting to work again and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Jim & Jennifer

Weston, CT