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Are you looking for a house for sale in Norwalk?  Are you looking to sell your house in Norwalk?  My goal is to make buying and selling your property easy as possible.



Buying a house or a condo is a big step for anyone.  For some people, it is the largest investment they will ever make.  For others, it is just the next step in the direction they want to go.

Who are you?  Are you the first time home buyer in Norwalk?  Have you already bought and sold a few properties?  Are you looking to purchase an investment property in Norwalk?  No matter what your situation, I can help you.

At any given time I am working with a spectrum of buyers in Norwalk.  I have clients who are first time buyers.  I have clients who are trading up to a newer or larger house to better meet your lifestyle or growing family.  I also have clients buying their first investment property in Norwalk, or buying their 10th investment property (or more).

Okay, so what sets me apart?  Why am I a good fit to help most Norwalk buyers?

  • I listen:  After a couple of meetings, I know what you are looking for.  I get to know you, as the person (or family).  Because I truly try to learn who you are, I am able to help
  • I know the market:  I work full-time in real estate.  This isn’t a part time job for me.
  • I provide good communication:  I am available via email, phone, or text.  I answer questions promptly.
  • I see the process through:  I am in real estate for the long term.  I value my clients as clients for life, and make sure I treat them that way and not as a one-time transaction.



How familiar are you with the Norwalk real estate market?  You probably know what your neighbor sold his house for last summer, but do you know about the other comparable houses for sale in Norwalk that are on the market?  How would your house compare to the competition?

To make your sale successful, you need to feel both comfortable and confident with your Norwalk real estate agent.  You should be confident that your Norwalk Realtor is providing you with accurate market information.  You should feel that your agent understands what is important to you, and handles those priorities with care and concern.

What makes me the best Realtor in Norwalk to help you with selling your property?

Some of those reasons are the same as above, why I am the best resource for buyers looking to purchase a house in Norwalk.  How can you be sure I am a good fit?  Give me a call.  Send me an email.  Let’s meet.  If you haven’t met me yet, I am just a website.  I am just a talking head.  I am just a blog post.

In reality, I am a person.  I have a personal life.  I live in Norwalk and spend a lot of my time in and around Norwalk.  I like this area, and I like this town.  I am a reasonable person.  If you are a reasonable person, then I am sure we will get along.

I have helped many sellers through the selling process and understand the issues you might face.  I can tell you up front what might be an issue with your property.  My background with construction, and experience with local buyers and investors gives me insight into how the market will respond to your house.  I will recommend the best way to showcase and market your property.


I provide a comprehensive weekly update to each client, which includes: the number of showings at the property, comparable listing activity on the market, relevant feedback, and strategic advice.  I am frequently in contact with you throughout the selling process.  I will help make selling your Norwalk house or condo as easy as possible for you.

When looking for a Norwalk Realtor, find someone you can trust.  


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