Below is a new testimonial from a Norwalk buyer client.

“We’ve known Todd for nearly 5 years. We met him when we first sought out to rent an apartment and he was the realtor. We stayed in touch over the years and even referred him to others. When we were ready to buy a home we reached out to Todd. From start to finish he was ideal. We must have looked at 40 homes. He was thorough, always patient, super knowledgeable and never misleading. He gave us insight to things we never considered, and brought things to our attention we would have otherwise been blind too. He was never pushy or over persuasive. Todd helped us brainstorm and asked us questions that helped us think about and understand what was best for our family and what we wanted. He wanted the right home for us as much as we did. Todd is someone you can really trust with your vision and needs. We would partner with him again and again, and recommend him to anyone in need of a realtor. ”


Kristen – Norwalk, CT


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