Q:  What is Listingbook?
A:  The BEST Way For Consumers to Access The MLS!

Listingbook is a FREE service that allows you to browse the MLS just like a real estate agent.  The reason that Listingbook is not a household name is because it is only available in select markets (like Fairfield County) and a real estate agent must grant you access.  All it takes is your name & email address to get access (see below).

With Listingbook you can view the same detailed information about a property that only real estate agents normally have access to.  You can also save and track your favorite listings!  Listingbook can automatically notify you on price changes, new listings with your criteria, and much, much more.

Listingbook is simply the most in-depth way to view listings and get an overall sense of the market.

Here’s how:

1.  Click the “Get a Listingbook Account Today” button below.

2.  Enter your NAME and EMAIL address.

3. Check your email account for a “Welcome” email from Listingbook.
4. Open the email you receive and click the green “Click Here to Confirm” button.
5.  Enter some basic info about your property type to get started.
* For Rentals:  Enter any information here, you will be able to select “Rental” in the next step *
6.  You are brought to, and are already on the “Quick Search” page.
7.  At the top left above the search criteria you can select between Residential (Single Family, Condos, etc. for sale), Lots & Land, Rental, and Multifamily (for sale).
Note: I recommend doing a search with your basic criteria first, before you input any of the advanced criteria.  You can come back and select advanced criteria if you find there are too many listings to pick from.  It is best to start very broad and then narrow down rather than starting with criteria that is too specific and limiting.