Ryan joined the Milligan team in Spring 2019 and quickly developed a reputation around the office for his work ethic, dependability, and personal touch with clients.


As a Realtor, Ryan believes that having the right living space is one of the key components to a happy, fulfilled, and productive life, and is particularly passionate about helping buyers and tenants meet all of their key criteria by listening to their needs, getting to know them on a personal level, fighting on their behalf, and acting as their trusted matchmaker. As Ryan is fond of saying, “Real Estate is an emotionally-driven transaction.”


A Fairfield County native and zealous investor himself, Ryan’s local market expertise is an exceptional resource for sellers and landlords alike, and his meticulous approach to CMAs, tireless marketing efforts, and refreshing honesty make him a highly sought-after representative for any Fairfield County resident looking to sell or rent their home as efficiently and headache-free as possible.


Ryan is also a devoted Boston College alum, as well as an avid investor, guitarist, and music fan, and enjoys stock trading, teaching guitar, and operating his music blog during his time off from the Real Estate world.


Ryan is best reached at ryan@milliganrealty.com, or his LinkedIn profile.