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Selling a home is the largest business transaction most of us will ever make. Although this process can be very time consuming and complex, be assured, with the aid of our services, you will come away completely satisfied and stress free. We will follow a step-by-step marketing program that will provide you with service that is professional and courteous. In the end, you will be sure the price you set reflects the true value of your home under current market conditions.

Determining your Property's Value

A Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) is designed to estimate the value of your property under current market conditions. It is, by definition, the highest price your property will bring if it is put on the open market today. A CMA is a very time-sensitive assessment and is created by looking at the property itself, as well as three outside factors:

1) Current comparable listings
If there are a large number of comparable properties for sale, there is more competition for buyers.

2) Comparable listings that have sold recently
When we look at properties that have sold and compare their list price to the actual selling price, we learn a lot about the strength of the market for properties like yours and values buyers are assigning to properties in your area.

3) Comparable listings that have expired
Expired listings often reflect a property that was overpriced. Studying these statistics can help us price your property right-right from the start.

How many properties like yours are currently for sale in your neighborhood?

Which properties in your community didn't sell?

What have comparable properties been selling for?

How Quickly Will Your Property Sell - and at What Price?

Many factors affect both the amount of time it will take your property to sell and the price you will receive for it. Some of these we can control, others we cannot.

Factors we can control:

Listing price is the single most important factor in the sale of your property. The best way to ensure the timely sale of your property is to price it competitively.

The better the condition of your property, the higher price it should bring and the faster it should sell.

By exposing your property to the broadest possible audience through a coordinated marketing plan, you'll have a better chance of attracting a qualified buyer.

Your flexibility in negotiating the terms of your agreement (points, closing date, appliances, etc.) can also enhance your ability to sell your property.

Factors we cannot control:

If there are a large number of comparable properties for sale, there is more competition for buyers. In a supply and demand market like real estate, a large inventory of similar properties makes our job more challenging.

The location is another key factor in the sale of your property.

The economy will also affect the sale of your property, particularly through interest rates and consumer confidence.

Pricing Your Property for Maximum Return

The ideal price satisfies both your desire for the highest return and the buyer's need for top value. We can help you define that critical narrow range.

Understanding the concept of market value.
The market value of your property is relative. It is not based on what you paid for the property or what you have put into it through the years. It isn't affected by your opinion of its worth, my opinion, or even that of a professional appraiser. The value of your property is determined solely by what a buyer is willing to pay in today's market.

Consider the competition.
Buyers will decide whether your property is realistically priced by comparing it to others currently for sale. Most people look at an average of 12 properties before buying. Thus your property must be priced in line with the competition.

Pricing Your Property to Move

Price it right, right from the start.
Your property will generate the most attention and showings in the first weeks it's on the market. For best results, you should list it at a realistic price right from the beginning. If your price is too high relative to the competition, the right buyers will not even look at an otherwise attractive property - particularly during the critical stage of initial market exposure.

Beware of the effects of overpricing.
Don't start with a high price and the assumption you can reduce it later. By the time you decide to lower the price, it may be too late, as interest will have already waned. Once the price has been reduced, potential buyers become wary and wonder why the property hasn't sold. In the end, you will probably have to settle for a selling price below market value - and you will have wasted precious time in the process.

Milligan Real Estate Marketing Plan

The more people who see you property the greater the likelihood of finding the right buyer and achieving the desired selling price. Our marketing plan strives to maximize the exposure and traffic to your property.

  • Classified & Display Advertising in Local Newspapers
  • Classified & Display Advertising in Major Daily Newspapers
  • Homes Magazine Advertising
  • Direct Mail Advertising
  • Outbound Telemarketing
  • Office Tour & Realtor Open Houses
  • Consumer Open Houses
  • Lawn Signs & Directional Arrow Signs
  • Printed Feature Sheets/Flyers
  • Internet Promotion (MLS,, & Reciprocal Websites)
  • Placement in the MLS System
  • Other advertising & marketing activities as determined for your property

Report to you on a regular basis as to the progress and proceeding during the listing period. A reporting time frame will be set up at the listing agreement in accordance with your request.

Arrange and record showings generated by MLS and provide you with appropriate feedback whenever possible.

Work with qualified buyers only to ensure that your time is respected and not taken by unqualified prospects.

Diligently handle all follow through during the pending stage ensuring all mortgage, title and legal issues are in order to allow for a timely closing.

Assist you in finding a new home by providing information on properties in the areas that you select to ensure that you are informed and prepared when the home you are to purchase becomes available.

How do I prepare the house for sale?

Making your home look as nice as possible may seem obvious. Apparently, it's not, because many sellers don't do much.

  • Sweep the sidewalk, mow the lawn, prune the bushes, weed the garden and clean debris from the yard.
  • Clean the windows and make sure the paint is not chipped or flaking.
  • Be sure that the doorbell works.
  • Clean and make attractive all rooms, furnishings, floors, walls and ceilings. It's especially important that the bathroom and kitchen are spotless.
  • Organize closets.
  • Make sure the basic appliances and fixtures work. Get rid of leaky faucets and frayed cords.
  • Ensure that the house smells good: from an apple pie or cookies baking, for example. Hide the kitty litter.
  • Put vases of fresh flowers throughout the house.
  • Pleasant background music is a nice touch.

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