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Short Sell My Home

Can't afford your mortgage payments? Owe more than your home is worth?

A Short Sale may be the best solution for you!

What is a Short Sale?
When you sell your property for less than you owe the bank(s).

Why is a Short Sale better than a Foreclosure?
In a Short Sale, the bank releases you from the loan. There is no further obligation to pay. In a foreclosure, the bank can sue you for the short fall. The bank has 6 years to collect the full amount you borrowed, plus fees. As you rebuild your life and income, the bank can garnish your wages and seize money from your bank account. After a short sale, you can repair your credit within a year or two.

What does it cost?
All brokerage commission and attorney fees are paid by the bank at the closing.

Does it have to be my primary residence?
No. Any type of property can be sold through a
short sale.

Milligan Realty .com - Short Sale Specialists!
We have successfully completed countless Short Sales with almost every major bank. We have negotiated mortgage debt forgiveness from as little as $15,000 to more than $500,000. In every case, our clients have walked away owing the bank(s) nothing.

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Read what some of our Short Sale clients have said: 
Due to the sensitive nature of Short Sales some of the owners have requested to remain anonymous.

Withheld, Stamford CT "Your initial consultation was such a relief. To realize I am not alone and to understand the process allowed me to sleep at night. Before I met you I felt trapped and hopeless. It worked out exactly as you explained it would."

Joe, Norwalk, CT "When I first talked to Jason I was very concerned about the consequences of the short sale. It all seemed too good to be true. I couldn't believe how long I was able to remain living in my condo. I also couldn't believe how low the ultimate price was. In the end I was given a complete release from the mortgage and I am working on rebuilding."

Withheld, Norwalk, CT "I owned a rental property in Norwalk that was losing money and the value had dropped so far below the mortgage balance that I was stuck. The short sale took almost a year. The tenant continued to live there and pay rent until about 6 weeks before the sale. Throughout the process I was updated regularly and I was very pleased with the results.”

Withheld, Norwalk, CT   “Before we called you our life was miserable. Creditors were calling and our house was in foreclosure. Getting out from under the house was such a relief. The other creditors were manageable once the house was gone.”

Phile, New Canaan, CT "The 2-family property I owned went up to one day before the foreclosure sale date. Thanks to you the bank gave us a 60 day extension which allowed me to collect another $10,000 in rent. When the sale eventually went though there was no out of pocket expenses and I was released from the mortgage.”

Withheld, New Canaan CT “Some of the other Realtors we spoke to before we hired you didn’t have a clue how to handle a short sale and one didn’t even know what it meant. Hiring an expert made such a difference. This was a painful, embarrassing part of our life and your discretion and overall knowledge was greatly appreciated. It took some time, but you kept us well informed and in the end the bank accepted a $500,000 loss and gave a complete release from the shortfall. Thank you.”

Jim & Jennifer, Weston CT “When Jim lost his job we first started burning though our savings, but then it just became impossible to afford the 2 mortgages. The house was almost $900,000 underwater. Thank you for getting the short sale approved. Jim is starting to work again and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

S. & C. Trumbull CT “We didn’t think it was possible to get out from under our house without filing for bankruptcy. Both loans were breathing down our neck. The short sale saved our marriage and our sanity. Thanks for all the help.”

J, Norwalk CT “Thanks for all of your help. I still can’t believe you pulled it off.”

J & S, Fairfield CT “We modified our loan about a year ago , but it still wasn’t enough make it work. Eventually we realized that a short sale was the only way. Thank you for listening to our situation and taking care of everything.”

Withheld, Fairfield CT “Thank you for all of your patience. We know that it was difficult to put up with us for 6 months while we sifted through our issues. Sorry that we didn’t do the short sale. If this loan modification doesn’t work out or if the 2nd mortgage isn’t willing to modify we will definitely be calling you.”

Eric, Bridgeport CT “Work was slow and I was considering filing bankruptcy before I called you. I still can’t believe that the bank accepted less than half of what I owed and I was released. I am so glad that I didn’t have to file!”

Withheld LLC, Bridgeport CT “I don’t know what we would have done if the bank didn’t accept the $1,000,000 loss. This was a life changer.”

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Jason Milligan
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